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welcome to Plus Healthcare Solutions

Plus Healthcare Solutions was started to bring about innovative and new-age technologies to the Indian healthcare system that supports healthcare professionals in treatment planning and interventions to better patient outcomes.

We at Plus Healthcare Solutions strive to identify innovative cost-effective technology solutions that help in improving treatment efficacy and early disease detection as part of preventive healthcare. At the very core of the organization is a credo through which every function and decision complies. We have developed a broad ear to listen to both the patient and healthcare professionals to understand problems and functions that are specific to each specialty and practice. This helps our team curate solutions that are customized to ensure patient safety and interventional efficacy at all times via a pull-strategy rather than a push-based growth strategy. We understand and acknowledge that products and solutions need to be curated and customized to both the patients and hospitals specific to topography, socio-economic conditions, and the level of disease awareness.

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