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welcome to Plus Healthcare Solutions

Plus Healthcare Solutions was started to bring about innovative and new-age technologies to the Indian healthcare system that supports healthcare professionals in treatment planning and interventions to better patient outcomes.

We at Plus Healthcare Solutions strive to identify innovative cost-effective technology solutions that help in improving treatment efficacy and early disease detection as part of preventive healthcare. At the very core of the organization is a credo through which every function and decision complies. We have developed a broad ear to listen to both the patient and healthcare professionals to understand problems and functions that are specific to each specialty and practice. This helps our team curate solutions that are customized to ensure patient safety and interventional efficacy at all times via a pull-strategy rather than a push-based growth strategy. We understand and acknowledge that products and solutions need to be curated and customized to both the patients and hospitals specific to topography, socio-economic conditions, and the level of disease awareness.

To focus on preventive healthcare technologies and processes to solve human health problems through a system based on strong values, ethics, passion and integrity.

Management Team

Abhishek Sales Director

Mr. Bandaru is a biomedical engineer with over 15 years of experience in medical equipment sales and technology. He has worked in leading healthcare multinational companies, and has a penchant to learn, understand and solve human problems. Coupled with curiosity and ethics, he has helped curate a value based mindset that can be found in each sales function and operation within the organization. He has worked in various surgical specialties including urology, general surgery, laparoscopy, gynecology, urogynecologycology, orthopedics, anesthesiology and ICU care, metabolic, gastroenterology, ultrasound, robotics and oncology.

Mr. Bandaru has substancial experience in the operation theater and has witnessed over 600 surgeries across various specialties via applications and demonstrations. This experience is critical in enhancing and developing a dialogue as part of a core function of constant learning and evolution across the various stakeholder teams in the care giving and management biospheres. His passion for human health, technology and problem-solving fuel a constant endevour to search for the best technologies and innovations from across the globe and bring affordable, and innovative solutions that are focused on preventive and holistic healthcare.

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Mr. Bandaru experienced first hand the importance of healthcare information and awareness during the recent covid -19 pandemic. This fueled him to curate a team that helped set-up a one of a kind hotel quarantine in record time along with support from a team of passionate colleagues and healthcare professionals. This facility provided affordable healthcare solutions to over 1400 patients.

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B Harikrishna Director

B Harikrishna is a mechchanical engineer with over 35 years in design and development of various industrial machines. He has been involved in building automation equipments using Hydraulics, Mechanicals, Electronics and PLC’s. Over 35 years he has developed more than 200 automation products focusing on reducing manpower and improving machine efficiency. Most of the machines developed have been used in the defence sector as well as in the private sector. He is well versed in the use of various CNC controllers. The machines designed, made use of inputs , like Hydraulics,servo motors, PLC’s, Pnuematics, embedded systems etc.

He is today involved in the design and manufacture of Bio Medical equipment. He is developing equipment aimed to ease the burden of invalids who need assistance in going about their daily routines unassisted.